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YeeHaw : A Solution to Oil Prices

There’s are a lot of things happening in 2022. A tennis player was deported from Australia for not taking the vaccine (find out who), a pig’s heart was transplanted to a human ( unfortunately the person died ), a new variant of Covid-19 is on its way, and, there’s a war happening in Europe again.

The Russia — Ukraine War is leading to global implications. A lot of homes are destroyed, people are dying, getting misplaced, we are seeing an increase in refugee counts, multiple implications on trade, global warming due to weapon use, and finally Oil prices!

It was predicted that data was the new oil but Oil remains as Oil. Look at the chart below:

Crude Oil per Barrel

Sri Lanka which is already seeing its worse economic crisis is being hit harder by Oil prices. Now that you have consumed all the bad news ( sorry for that), let us talk about something that can reshape the world again and I mean this seriously!

Lets’ talk about Horses!

The Manure Problem

If you are one of those folks who have enjoyed Silicon Valley, then you must agree with how accurate this explanation was.

The horse was not replaced because of how slow they were compared to cars but because of the horse sh*t, they left behind. The streets were filled with manure, dead horse and all the diseases that come with it. They were replaced because of the pollution they caused but now the cars and other vehicles are doing the same. I’ll not talk about EVs, but are they really a replacement?

So why do I think we need to think about them today?

Horses are self-feeding, self-controlling, self-maintaining and self-reproducing, but they are far more economical in the energy they are able to develop from a given weight of fuel material, than any other existing form of motor

Brojack Horseman | Netflix

Other benefits -

  • No need to worry about fuel
  • They can travel on any road, no need for a different car
  • Going back to the 19th century will also bring more jobs on the streets like stable owners, feed producers, trainers, veterinarians, road cleaners… etc.
  • The Coolness that comes with riding the horse
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Imagine going to a restaurant on a horse and asking a valet to park the horse? How fun that would be? It won’t be too long when everyone becomes Clint Eastwood.

But, how do we achieve this?

We live in the 21st century. Here, we have more options to deal with pollution by horse than a car. The emission from cars goes into the air. The emission, the literal horse sh*t, goes on the street. All we have to do is to make use of this for making fertilisers.

Horse Manure — an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Horse manure is a good source of nutrients and a popular additive to many home gardens. Horse dung manure is highly valued by farmers because composting of horse manure makes the compost pile become super charged and also increases soil fertility, regeneration, and high quality yields. It makes a suitable and inexpensive fertiliser for plants. Horse manure can give new plants a jump start while providing essential nutrients for continual growth. Composting of horse manure does not require any special tools or structures. In fact, it can easily be composted by mixing with a shovel or pitchfork. It averts the negative effects of salinity and improves the capacity of soil water retention. This manure is recommended for crops like lettuce, tomato, and mint because it increases the crop yield with a lasting presence in the soil

Here are a couple of steps we can follow to do this -

  1. Setup Horse Recharge and Manure collection station
  2. Setup Horse Breeding Centres
  3. Create more jobs for Vets to take care of horses
  4. Repeat 1, 2 and 3

Yeah, It’s that simple. The environment is not the only thing that can be saved by bringing back horses.

Horses are living beings. All living beings have a limit

Imagine a brat owning a car and going at a speed of 100 mi/hr. There can be numerous moments where there was life put in danger. But, horses have a speed limit. They have good stamina but not at high speeds. This itself put the speed car on roads and reduces the chances of an accident. I asked you to imagine a brat, but even a decent person can face an accident. Now, one can argue — what if the horse goes mental? Then the first thing we can do is get away from the horse. Horses are vegetarian so they won’t come back to eat us. They’ll simple runaway like this —

or they will make us laugh

To summarise — less oil dependency, fewer accidents, less environmental impact by building horse stations, more safety, companionship, fun…etc. are all the benefits that we get from Horses. we should start thinking about giving them a second chance. Our planet deserves multiple second chances to live, so I think horses can at least get one. If the ideas above are not sufficient, just watch the chase scene from The Lone Ranger. How cool is this? We too can do the same if horses were back

Scroll down for more ideas.

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

P.S : In life, we come so far that we forget some days are ordinary and some are just meant for April Fools’ day.



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